Landscape with Chainsaw


Landscape with ChainsawPoems (2001)

“An extraordinary deconstruction and reconstruction of landscapes, both natural and interior…Lasdun’s clear-cutting takes in everything from Celan to Arthurian legend, laying bare the complexities of the poet’s own background…of being forever a colonist or refugee, never a native.”  — The New Yorker

Landscape with Chainsaw was one of the finest books of last year, both funny and incisive in its examination of the male psyche, the condition of the social and cultural outsider and the constant play of negotiation between human social existence and nature.”  — John Burnside, The Scotsman

“Deeply literary but cool as well… Urbane excursions in pastoral, these verses will ensure there are laurels on Lasdun’s brow for many years.”  — Giles Foden, The Guardian

“Sharp, slicing imagery gives Lasdun’s poetry its deep notch of truth.”  — New York Times Book Review

“Intellectual seriousness…sensuous love of words…cool unstitching of place…[Lasdun] is among the strongest young poets in America.”  — New Criterion